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Ski jumpers and others thoughts according to me

  • Schlieri:

    I am gonna win this competition. (after 1st round)

  • Koudelka:

    Not today Gregor.

  • Damjan:

    I am the leader. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

  • Krausimausi:

    Third place. I could have done better but I am satisfied.

  • Stoch:

    Why I fucked up my first jump? Why? KURWA!

  • Takeuchi:

    Jernej, I am coming.

  • Hofer:

    Let's change the gates.

  • M. Tepeš:

    Oh wind. There you are. I missed you.

  • Wellinger:

    Why I hadn't checked my suit?

  • Fans:

    We will miss you Thomas.

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